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Where do you manufacture your paper and graphic media?
The paper such a bond paper and vellum is made in the USA. The graphic media or films, such as Polypropylene, Scrim Vinyl, Adhesive PVC, etc. is made in China, under our  complaining the quality standards of USA and Europe.

Where do you manufacture the ink cartridges?
Our ink cartridges are manufacture in the USA, by using ink made in the USA, as well as the chip.

Do you sell ink in bulk?
Yes, we offer gallons and big containers of 18 liters of ink

Do you offer quantity discounts?
Yes we do

Do you sell to Government and Educational Institutions?

Yes, we do and we offer special discount prices as well

What is the main brand for your products?

The main brand is FastPlot

Do you sign special agreements to provide stock permanently to big companies?
Yes, we can sign special agreement to provide supplies permanently based  in a purchase schedule from our customer

Can you manufacture with my own brand or name?

Yes, we can depending on the quantity

Do you provide blind shipping?
Yes, we just shows “Distribution Center” in our Packing Lists

Do you export if need?
Yes, we do